The DuPage County Continuum of Care (CoC) offers grant recipients resources to assist with meeting specific grant requirements for which they are responsible, or CoC-wide training sessions to provide relevant educational and informational opportunities for CoC providers and community partners.


CoC Full Continuum Meeting 04/22/22

DuPage CoC Full Membership 2022-04-22 recording

Neighborly Application Training (Updated and Revised)

Neighborly CoC Rank & Review Application Score and Reviewer Training via Zoom 04-25-22

Neighborly CoC Applicant Training Recording (Revised) 02/01/22 (MP4)

CoC Full Continuum Meeting 11/19/21

DuPage CoC Full Membership 2021-11-19 recording

DuPage CoC 11-19-21 State Plan Homelessness Presentation C. Haley (PDF)

SPM Year to Year Comparison 11-19-21 (PDF)

DuPage 2021 HUD HDX Report 11-19-21 (PDF)

CoC Full Continuum Meeting 04/16/21

DuPage CoC Full Membership 2021-04-16 recording edited.mp4

DuPage Full Membership Diversity Breakout Group Notes 04-16-21 (DOCX)

CoC Limited Scope Environmental Review Training 08/31/20

Zoom Video Training Link

CoC ERR Links (DOCX)

CoC Limited Scope ERR Training Slide Deck (DOCX)

FIRMette_Example (PDF)

CoC Equal Access and Anti-Discrimination Policy Training 04/17/19

Equal Access Decision Tree (PDF)

Equal Access – Shelter for All Genders (PDF)

Equal Access Training Scenarios (PDF)