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HUD announced new protections for victims of harassment and survivors of domestic violence with the publication of a final rule formalizing legal standards under the Fair Housing Act for sexual and other forms of harassment in housing.

Final Rule Summary

By establishing consistent standards for evaluating claims of quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment, this rule provides guidance to providers of housing or housing-related services seeking to ensure that their properties or businesses are free of unlawful harassment. The rule also provides clarity to victims of harassment and their representatives regarding how to assess potential claims of illegal harassment under the Fair Housing Act.  The rule does not create any new forms of liability under the Fair Housing Act and therefore adds no additional costs for housing providers.

In addition, HUD is issuing Fair Housing Act guidance on local “nuisance ordinances” that may lead to housing discrimination against survivors of domestic violence and other persons in need of emergency services.

Fair Housing Act Guidance/Nuisance Act Summary

This guidance primarily focuses on the impact these ordinances may have on domestic violence victims, but the Act and the standards described herein apply equally to victims of domestic violence and other crimes and to those in need of emergency services who may be subjected to discrimination prohibited by the Act due to the operation of these ordinances.