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In June and July 2018, the Impact DuPage Steering Committee met to identify strategic issues to address over the next three years that will advance the well-being of our community. Based on data collected from the most recent county-wide assessment, the top 3 strategic issues are as follows:

1) Health Status Improvement

This priority area will be guided by the question: “How do we build a person-centered model of healthcare that is efficient and effective, creates meaningful access to care for all and demonstrably improves health status?”

2) Affordable Housing

This priority area will be guided by the question: “How do we develop affordable housing that meets the demographic profile of the county?”

3) Behavioral Health

This priority area will be guided by the question: “How do we strengthen prevention and treatment of behavioral health issues for residents of DuPage County?”

These priorities build on and align with Impact DuPage’s priority areas from 2016 to 2018. The Health Status Improvement priority includes access to health care and an emphasis on addressing chronic disease and healthy lifestyles. Mental health and substance use will be addressed together as Behavioral Health. Affordable Housing remains a priority with renewed focus on increasing its availability.

For the next step in the process, the Steering Committee will work with local coalitions to develop action plans for 2019 through 2021, and will work with stakeholders across the county to advance well-being.

Impact DuPage is pleased to share Year 2 Progress Reports from each of the five 2016-2018 priority areas (Affordable Housing, Behavioral Health Treatment, Access to Health Services, Substance Abuse, Healthy Lifestyles). These progress reports were completed by representatives from each of the five coalitions working on priority areas, and include brief status updates on each objective. The full progress reports can be accessed from each priority page on the Impact DuPage website.