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Landlords in Illinois can now file eviction cases in court against tenants for nonpayment of their rent.  To prevent evictions, tenants must give their landlords a written Declaration that must state that:

  1. They do not expect to make more than $99,000 this year ($198,000 for couples filing jointly)
  2. They are behind in their rent due to COVID-19
  3. They face homelessness or will have to double up if evicted

Landlords must provide their tenants with a Declaration form.  Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from  Details on this Illinois eviction moratorium are available in both English and Spanish.

Illinois tenants who are current on their rent do not need to give their landlord a signed Declaration form to avoid being evicted. Tenants can only be evicted by their landlords for either health and safety reasons or due to an immediate and severe risk to property.  Even if any eviction orders are approved by the court, they cannot be enforced until at least January 9, 2021.