The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) has just released a nationwide RFP for New Market Tax Credits.  They are seeking new projects that combine supportive housing units with primary and behavioral health services. 

The type of projects that this RFP is looking for might include:

(1)      Community health centers that offer primary care and other healthcare services such as mental health, behavioral health, and/or substance use treatment;

(2)      Projects that offer supportive services including social, educational, and/or workforce development services; and

(3)      Mixed-use projects that include onsite PSH with the uses above.

Webinar Description: 

More and more health and housing collaborations aimed at improving quality of life for vulnerable populations include the design and development of expanded facilities that increase access to services for the shared client population.  Building on the strategies outlined in the Health & Housing Partnerships – Strategic Guidance for Health Centers and Supportive Housing Providers these facility collaborations provide opportunities to leverage resources and enhance care coordination efficiencies.  This webinar will highlight the steps necessary to successfully plan, finance and build a shared health and supportive housing facility. Panelists will explore this topic from the perspective of the health provider, housing provider and the considerations of the funders. Capital Link, a HRSA technical assistance provider will present on the webinar with CSH.

Target Audience: 

Health centers, Behavioral Health Centers,  and homeless service providers interested in expanding healthcare access for homeless and high vulnerable populations through development opportunities with supportive housing providers.


  1. Understand what it takes to build effective healthcare and housing partnerships
  2. Learn about key steps and considerations – market assessment, financial analysis, and capital resources – required for effective planning for a collaborative health and housing development.
  3. Gain knowledge from on the ground providers that are building co-located and community located health and housing facilities to serve homeless and other highly vulnerable populations

CSH Health and Housing Capital expansion Webinar 1.26.17