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HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Application

The annual CoC application is composed of two parts; the Consolidated Application and the Priority Listing. The details regarding HUD priorities and additional threshold requirements are released for each funding year at the time of HUD’s Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the CoC Program. The 2018 NOFA was released on June 20th, 2018. The Consolidated Application is prepared and submitted by the DuPage County CoC’s designated Collaborative Applicant, DuPage County Community Services. HUD assesses CoCs nationwide on system-wide performance outcomes and coordination and scores and ranks CoCs accordingly to determine which CoCs will receive funding priority for project applications submitted by the CoC in the Priority Listing.

To visit the HUD Exchange FY2018 CoC Program NOFA page, click here.

2018 DuPage County Homeless CoC NOFA Announcement

The DuPage Continuum Leadership Committee is starting the application and selection process for HUD’s 2018 Continuum of Care funding. All new, reallocation and renewal projects will submit a written Project Application Template by July 30, 2018. Emphasis will be placed on performance and alignment with HUD policy priorities. Projects are required to be submitted in esnaps no later than August 10, 2018. The DuPage CoC will notify all project applicants no later than 15 days before the application deadline of September 18, 2018 whether their project application will be accepted and ranked, rejected or reduced as part of the CoC Consolidated application and of their number ranking.

For additional information, please click on the links below:

2018 CoC January Notice of Funding Availability (PDF)

2018 NOFA Memo – DuPage County 7-3-18 (DOCX)

2018 Notice of Request for New Projects (DOCX)

2018 esnaps Project Template (DOCX)

2018 GIW CoC IL-514 (XLSX)

2018 CoC Schedule Revised 7-3-18  (DOCX)

2018 Ranking Criteria Revised 7-3-18 (PDF)

To access the ZoomGrants Application Portal, click here.

2018 Continuum of Care Competition Consolidated Application and Project Priority Listing

Posted 09-13-18

The DuPage County Continuum of Care is posting the FY2018 CoC Consolidated Application and Project Priority Listing for the FY2018 Continuum of Care funding competition for public inspection.

An email announcement to the Continuum contact list has informed them that all application materials are available for inspection here on this website.

For more information about the Continuum of Care process, please contact Mary Keating, Director of DuPage County Community Services and Chair of the Leadership Committee for the Continuum of Care at

2018 HUD CoC NOFA Application

The DuPage County CoC has established a local process for assessing local gaps and needs, determining funding priorities for its CoC program, determining possible reallocations, inviting, reviewing, scoring and ranking projects according to successful performance that reflects the project’s ability to assist with addressing system-wide progress towards ending homelessness.  The DuPage County CoC has established policies and procedures for this process.

All information regarding ranking policy and procedure, local ranking, selection criteria and decision making processes can be found in the links below:

2018 CoC Rating and Ranking Procedures

Posted 08-27-18

These document the existence of a coordinated, inclusive, and outcome-oriented community process for the solicitation, objective review, ranking, and selection of CoC Program project applications.  All project applications are evaluated and ranked based on the degree to which they improve the CoC system performance.

2018 Ranking Criteria Including DV Criteria (PDF)

2018 Ranking Policy (PDF)

2018 Business Plan Questions (PDF)

2018 Cost Forms (PDF)

2018 Notice of Fund Availability Jan 2018 (PDF)

2018 Notice of Request for New Project Proposals Jul 2018 (DOCX)

Scoring Summary with All Project Average and Final Total Scores Aug 2018 (PDF)

2018 Project Tiering List  (PDF)

Projects Accepted Notification (PDF)

Projects Rejected-Reduced Notification (PDF)

Dated Email Notifying Members of Posting (PDF)

For more information about the Continuum of Care process, please contact Mary Keating, Director of Community Services/Chair of the Leadership Committee for the DuPage County Continuum of Care The HUD deadline for the Continuum of Care application is September 18th, 2018.