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Homelessness is an increasingly reality for a significant number of residents in DuPage County.

A One Night homeless count of sheltered and unsheltered persons was conducted on January 28, 2015. The total number of sheltered homeless persons increased 2.7% from 625 to 642.

  • 204 persons in emergency shelter including 20 family units
  • 438 persons in transitional housing including 111 family units
  • 50 sheltered persons were chronically homeless. All were individuals - no families.
  • There were 80 youth in shelter or transitional housing on that night.
  • The total unsheltered population increased 3%. (1 person) from 29 persons in 2013 to 30 persons in 2015.
  • There were 26 unsheltered individuals and 2 couples.
  • There was one unsheltered veteran and one youth aged 18-24.
  • The number of chronically homeless unsheltered persons decreased 20% from 5 persons to 4 in 2015.
  • Only 13% of unsheltered persons (4 of 30) were chronically homeless which is a decrease from 17% in 2013 and 45% in 2011.

For more complete information please see the most recent Homeless Population Charts under Homeless Demographics (www.dupagehomeless.org/populationchart.asp). The next Homeless One Night Count is scheduled for January 2016.


Important Facts About Demographic Changes in DuPage County

Below are some highlights from the 2013 American Community Survey 1 year estimates. Recent demographic trends in DuPage County continue.

· DuPage County had 64,737 people with incomes below the Federal Poverty Level.

· The number of children in poverty is 9.8% of the population.

· The unemployment rate in DuPage County in October 2014 was 4.8% which left 25,808 persons unemployed.






The risk of becoming homeless affects an even higher number of DuPage residents.

Housing Assistance - In fiscal year 2014, 3215 persons in 1236 households received financial assistance for rent, security deposits, moving costs, or mortgage in order to prevent them becoming homeless.

Utility Assistance - In fiscal year 2014, 1074 persons in 384 households received financial utility assistance in order to prevent them becoming homelessness.

Support Services - In fiscal year 2014, 2656 persons in 1052 households received case management, legal services, and/or financial counseling to prevent them becoming homeless.
(2014 DuPage Continuum Prevention Providers Survey)

Click on the Homeless Prevention Tab to see more detailed statistics and geographic locations for services.

The DuPage Homeless Continuum of Care is meeting these challenges through:
  • a coordinated assessment to respond to and prevent homelessness
  • a well-coordinated, seamless continuum of emergency and long-term housing and support services to people who are homeless;
  • an effective countywide emergency relief system to help people stay in their housing;
  • the Housing First approach- getting persons in housing as soon as possible and following later with their service needs.
  Last Updated May 16, 2015